Blood Impurities

Diseases of the Blood Impurities (Amraz-E-Fasad-E-Khoon)

Arq Murakkab Musaffi Khoon

Arq Murakkab Musaffi khoon

Indications: Purifies the blood. Beneficial in boils and abscesns, Useful in saudawi ailments and gonorrhoea.
Dosage & mode of administration: 125 ml mixed with Sharbat Unnab 25 ml

Arq Shahtra

Arq Shahtara

Indications: Relieves the hyperthermia sand plethora, purities the blood. Beneficial in chronic fevers.
Dosage & mode of administration: 125 ml mixed with Sharbat Unnab 25 ml

Arq Ushba

Arq Ushbha

Indications: Beneficial in saudawi diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, syphilis and gonorrhoea and purifies the blood.
Dosage & mode of administration: 125 ml with Majoon Ushba 5 gms.

Habbe Musaffi Khoon

Habbe Musaffi khoon

Indications: Blood purifier, Beneficial for pustules and syphilis.
Dosage & mode of administration: 2 pills with water, morning and evening.

Musaffi Ajeeb


Indications: Strong blood purifier. Clears the blood from decomposed elements. Beneficial in boils, abscess, pustules, heat eruptions, acne measles, small pox, mumps, dermal scabies, syphilis, gonorrhoea, scrofura and burning mictuntion etc. Improves the natural colour of the face, consequently increases its attraction. This may be utilized as preventive medicine at the time of seasonal exchange.
Dosage & mode of administration: 10 ml mixed with fresh water, milk or Juice of fresh fruits, morning and evening.

Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon

Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon

Indications: Edicates the saudawi diseases evacuation the Khilt-e-Sauda from blood. Blood purifier.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25 to 50 ml mixed in water.

Sharbat Unnab

Sharbat Unnab

Indications: Controls the hypertherma and hypersensitivity of blood. Mild blood purifier. Beneficial for headache, cough and chest ailments.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25-50 ml mixed with water.
NB: Besides above, Itrifal Shahtara, Majoon Chobchini are also beneficial.

Safoof Bars

Safoof Bars

Indications: Beneficial for leucoderma and well trialed for the same ailment. After few days, natural complexion of the skin starts to replace the white patches.
Dosage and mode of utilization: 5 gms. of this powder soaked in the warm water at night and should be drink after instillation in the subsequent morning, and the waste should be applied on the spots as plaster after grinding in vinegar or water.
Note: This drug should be utilized atleast for four months on regular basis.
NB: Beside above, Musaffi-e-Khoon medicines e.g. Musaffi Ajeeb must also be utilized for better result.