Diseases of the Chest (Amraz-E-Sadar)



Indications: A perfect remedy for pulmonary complications and chronic and severe bronchitis. Evacuates the sputum from bronchioles. Its anti inflammatory and decongestant properties soothes the irritated mucosa of the throat and upper respiratory tract. Safeguard for tuberculosis and other similar ailments. Tested formulation for influenza, cold and cough and slight temperature.
Dosage & mode of administration: Adults 10 ml and children 5 ml with lukewarm water, morning and evening.
NB: Laooq Badam is also well trialed medicine.

Sharbat Sadar


Indications: Useful in pulmonary complaints, severe and chronic bronchitis, safeguard for asthmatic fits if utilized in asthmatic condition.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 ml twice or thrice a day.

Asthma (Zeequnnafas)

Habbe Zeequnnafas

Habbe Zeequnnafs

Indications: Useful for asthma and bronchitis.
Dosage & mode of administration: 1 pill mixed with honey, morning and evening.

Khamira Abresham Sheera Unnabwala

Khamira Abresham Sheera Unnabwala

Indications: Relieves the palpitation and depression immediately, beneficial in dry and tuberculosis cough, weakness of brain and flatulence.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. with water in the morning at empty stomach.

Laooq Katan

laooq katan

Indications: Useful in phlegmatic asthma and removes the constipation.
Dosage & mode of administration: 10 gms. morning and evening.

Laooq Sapistan Khyar Shambari

Laooq Sap Khyar Shambari

Indications: Beneficial in cold, catarrh and cough. Removes constipation.
Dosage & mode of administration: Use 10 gms. duly mixed with lukewarm water.

Sharbat Zoofa Sada


Indications: Beneficial in asthma and cough.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25 ml with little quantity of lukewarm water.

Sharbat Zoofa Murakkab

sharbat zoofa murrakab

Indications: Useful for phlegmatic cough and asthma, cleans the chest from phlegm.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25 ml with little quantity of lukewarm water.

Laooq Badam

Laooq Badam

Indications: Brain tonic, beneficial in dry cough.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5 gms. to be taken after mixing in Hayateen 30 ml mixed in Arq Gauzaban.

Sharbat Aijaz

Sharbat Aijaz

Indications: Useful in tuberculosis and dry cough.
Dosage & mode of administration: 25 ml mixed in Arq Gauzaban 125 ml

Sharbat Faulad


Indications: Very useful in general debility. Some ailments reduce the normal consistency of blood formation and its redness, which induce deficiency of iron ingredients (haemoglobin). The use of this syrup removes the haemoglobin deficiency and restores the normal consistency and redness of the blood. Consequently normal pink colour of the face restores shortly.
Dosage & mode of administration: 5-20 ml to be taken after meals twice a day.
NB: Beside Kushta Faulad, Kushta Aqiq are also utilized.