General Diseases (Umoomi Amraz)

General Debility (Umoomi Naqahat)

The following Rex product(s) is/are beneficial for its cure: Arq Maullaham, Habbe Khaas, Habbe Jawahar, Kushta Nuqra, Kushta Tila, Rex Health Tonic, Rexotone, Sharbat Faulad, Vermorex

General Home Remedy (Aam Gharelu Dawa)


Arq Maullaham


Indications: Strengthens the vital organs viz. stomach, liver and brain. Assimilates the diet increasing the appetite. Develops the sexual emotion. Fills up the sad and tasteless life with pleasure and emotions.
Dosage & mode of administration: 20-50 ml with Laboob Kabir 6 gms. at bed time.

Habbe Khas


Indications: Removes the weakness of vital organs e.g. heart, brain, liver and stomach. It improves not only sexual vigour and vitality but also nervous system which is origin of these powers. Normalizes the low blood pressure.
Dosage & mode of administration: 1 pill morning and evening or when required, with milk or water.

Habbe Jawahar


Indications: Increases the sexual and nervous vitality strengthening the heart and brain. In the case of hypotension, normalizes the blood pressure.

Dosage & mode of administration: 1 pill alongwith Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawaharwali followed by milk or water.

Kushta Nuqra


Indications: Strengthens the vital organs viz. heart, brain and liver. Checks the palpitation and cardiac flutter. Increases the libido. Beneficial in spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission, increases the seminal viscosity.
Dosage & mode of administration: 60 mg. or 2 tabs. kept in Khamira Gauzaban Ambari Jawahar Wala. For sexual vitality, it should be taken with Laboob Kabir 6 gms.

Kushta Tila

Kushta Tila

Indications: Prepared with pure gold, protect the medicatrix nature (Hararat-e-Gharizi) strengthening the vital organs. Assimilates the food increasing the appetite. consequently produces plenty of good quality blood. Increases the male sexual vigour strengthening the genital organs. Wonderful neurotonic. Both of the age group e.g. youths and old, may use during winter.
Dosage & mode of administration: 30 gms. or 1 tab. with Laboob Kabir 6 gms. or Dawaulmisk Motadil 6 gms.

Rex Health Tonic

Rex Health Tonic

Indications: A marvellous herbal tonic prepared by Rex consisting of essential vitamins required for human body. Removes the physical fatigue and sluggishness and produces vigour and vitality. Increases the production of blood. Nourishes the females during pregnancy and lactation period and restores the health. Similar beneficial for male, female and children in post illness rundown condition, general debility and convalescence.
Dosage & mode of administration: Adults 20 ml and children 5-10 ml with water or milk twice a day after meals.


Rex Health Tonic

Indications: General debility. Loss of weight. anorexia. chronic constipation, run down condition due to malnutrition. In females, convalescence of pregnancy and lactation period, excessive metabolism in growing children & loss of weight etc. removes with the use of this special herbal tonic duly presented by Rex. Its use helps in restoring the health and improves the working efficiency. Beneficial for mental as a well as physical workers. Increases the immunity. Removes the post operative convalescence and debility resulted by long term ailment. Removes the atony of heart and brain. Produces the blood of good quality improving the functions of stomach and liver. Useful for lactating mother. Provides good nutrition for foetus. This tonic play important role in the growth of children by strengthening the body. Meets the requirements of growing children. Generates working emotion & efficiency removing the general debility & mental strain. Beneficial for all age groups. A comprehensive general tonic not only for convalescents and patients but also for healthy people in every season may be used with full confidence.
Dosage & mode of administration: For adults: 20 ml before breakfast and pre dinner; for children: 10 ml as above.

Sharbat Faulad

Sharbat Faulad

Indications: Removes the general debility and attenuation of blood. Removes the iron deficiency and loss of haemoglobin. Increases the redness of blood. Improves the liver function, regulates the digestive system and increases the appetite.
Dosage & mode of administration: 10 ml after meal.



It is also important medicine prepared by Rex Remedies. It removes all types of inflammations and pains.
Dosage & mode of administration: Enclosed with medicine.
NB: Beside above Habbe Ambar Momyayi, Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala, Khamira Gauzaban Ambari Jawahar Wala, Khamira Marwarid & Dawaulmisk Motadil Jawahar Wali are also beneficial in general debility.

General Home Remedy (Aam Gharelu Dawa)



Indications: Very effective and useful as first aid in various emergencies e.g. sores, injuries, swellings, insect bites, burns, headache, otalgia, toothache, gastralgia, rheumatic pain, indigestion, nausea & vomiting, flatulence, common cold. May be utilised as preventive medicine in the initial stage of cholera.

Dosage & mode of application/administration:

Headache Rub on the forehead
Joint pains Apply with cotton on the affected part and rub gently till absorption
Toothache Apply with swab on the affected tooth and gum
Otalgia Instill 1 drop duly mixed in 4 drops of mustard oil, in the affected ear
Dyspepsia 3 drops with Arq Badyan, Arq Ajwain & Arq Podina orally
Diarrhoea, indigestion, flatulence and gastralgia etc. 3 drops with Arq Badyan, Arq Elaichi, Arq Podina orally, in nausea & vomiting 2 drops with 20 ml sharbat Anar Shirin
Common cold Rub on the tip of nose
Insect bites Apply on the affected part
Burn by Fire, hot water or steam Apply with swab on the burn