Diseases of the Hair (Amraz-E-Sha'ar)

Hairtone (Hair Tonic)


Indications: You may set up your hairs as per your desire but your only choice should be Hairtone (tonic), since it diffuses in the hair roots and nourishes the hair follicles and eradicates the hair ailments prior to their appearance or growth. Hairtone tonic is beneficial for hair growth and maintains the natural colour of hair. Amla, Shikakai, Rose, Balchhar, Sandal, Ratan Jot and 13 nutrient ingredients duly prepared in Roghan Kunjad base nourishes the hairs and prevent them from diseases. A good tonic for mental workers. This provides peaceful and sound sleep. Regular use of this precious hair tonic prove helpful to maintain the hair healthy, long, dark, silky and vibrant.
Dosage & mode of administration: Rub Hairtone gently on hair at bed time or after taking the bath on regular basis. For better results, hair should be washed with Gesudaraz powder of Rex Remedies. The use of any ordinary or caustic should be strictly avoided. No any other oil should be mixed in Hairtone tonic. The hair should be dried well with towel after taking the bath, later on the Hairtone tonic should be applied gently.

Gesudaraaz Powder


Indications: Prepared with valuable herbal ingredients free from synthetic smell, colour and chemicals, maintains the lustre of hair and helps in growth. This powder prevents the scalp from dryness and keeps heir shine and also checks the falling of hair and premature greying.
Dosage & mode of administration: 2 teaspoonfuls (25 gms.) powder should be soaked in warm water at night. In the following morning, the infusion of the powder should be applied in the hairs thoroughly and leave 10 - 15 minutes, afterward, hair should be washed and dried with towel. Later on Hairtone hair tonic should be applied and massaged accordingly.

Roghan Amla

Roghan Amla

Indications: Strengthens the hair follicles and prevents falling of hairs. Maintains their black colour and makes them lustre and shine. Beneficial in removing the dryness of scalp and keeping the brain fresh.
Dosage & mode of administration: As required, should be applied similar to any other hair oil

Alopecia (Balkhora, Daus-Salab)

Roghan Baiza-e-Murgh

Roghan Baiza-E-Murgh

Indications: Regular application of Roghan Baiza-e-Murgh on the affected area, helps growing the hair and curing alopecia.
Mode of application: Rub on the restricted place on regular basis.

Roghan Zarareeh

Rex Roghan Zarareeh

Indications: Special drug for alopecia. Grows hair again on the restricted plain places.
Dosage & mode of administration: Firstly, wash the alopeciac place with carbolic soap or with decoction of neem leaves, later on this roghan should be applied with cotton swab.