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Rex's Dimaghi

Pack Size(s)

400 gms.

A Complete Brain Tonic

"Rex's Dimaghi" prepared with selected herbs and in the light of modern research, arouses and enhances the power and the capacity of brain. This is ideal for those who do mental work and physical labour, for instance, teachers, students, lawyers, engineers, doctors, accountants, intellectuals and sport persons. It is a very useful and unique tonic for brain as it is a compound of the natural herbs recommended after modern research.

Regular use of "Rex's Dimaghi" is very useful in the following conditions:

  • Tiredness and laziness after mental and physical work
  • Weakening of retentive power of memory and lack of concentration
  • For refreshing and soothing heart and brain
  • For maintaining physical fitness
  • For revitalising heart, brain and nerves
  • For relieving headache, sleeplessness palpitation of heart as also for improving eyesight
  • For removing bad breath and Promoting digestion


20 grams or 2 teaspoonfuls with breakfast.